e-Quote provides an efficient way for inviting sealed quotations.

e-Quote provides your teams a quick way to obtain sealed quotations online from a selected list of suppliers.
e-Quote is commonly used for obtaining the quotations of price sensitive products. 

e-Quote allows the user to state her requirements in the e-Quote request and create a list of suppliers to send the request to.

e-Quote allows the user to have multiple rounds of request-and-response so that she and the suppliers can adjust the requirements and responses incrementally.

e-Quote Quotation Master is an online facility to keep track of all effective quotes (which are properly approved and haven’t expired). Suppliers’ responses to e-Quote can be automatically inputted to Quotation Master for future use.

e-Quote can be used independently as request-for-quote (RFQ) for acquiring low-value products. e-Quote can also be used as part of the purchase plan/request (PR) process for sourcing or purchasing.

e-Quote allows you to get quotations quickly, accurately comparing them and select the best offer
Open & fair process
Confidential bids
Incentive best offer
Accurate comparison

e-Quote offers an open and fair process to reduce the chance for corruption.

e-Quote’s confidential bids encourage contractors to drive down prices.

e-Quote maximizes the competitive incentive to offer the best price initially.

e-Quote allows your teams to compare bids accurately.

Effective procurement can reduce costs, improve quality
and develop relationships with strategic suppliers.
Streamline management. Boost productivity. Grow confidently.
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