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Purchase Request

8Manage Purchase Request can be used for centralized procurement and departmental procurement. It can be used by any department to submit a purchase request to the purchasing department.

Centralized Procurement

The upper level or the central procurement department will summarize the procurement requirements of all different departments for the same material and aggregate the levels to form a larger total procurement demand, so as to obtain better prices or cost savings.

Departmental Procurement

If you need to purchase professional equipment or services and it needs to be managed by a demand department with professional knowledge. 8Manage Purchase Request can help you better manage these procurement needs in the following ways:

Quick Quote and e-Auction

8Manage Purchase Request can collect quotations from different suppliers in real time, and then quickly compare their prices, delivery dates and other matters.

8Manage Purchase Request supports real-time reverse auction. Users can set up one or more rounds of reverse auctions as needed, and the system will automatically notify candidate suppliers of each auction and control the start and end time of each auction. In each round of reverse auctions, each supplier can view the dynamic ranking of itself and other bidders in real time.

Allow Priority Use of Inventory

If the material to be purchased are in stock, 8Manage Purchase Request supports users to apply for existing stock materials. The user can view the inventory information of the material and submit an inventory request for the required material. If the existing inventory quantity cannot meet the required quantity, the user can directly click the "Generate Purchase Order" command, and the system will automatically generate a purchase order for the missing material quantity, which is very simple and fast.