SRM includes an embedded electronic document management system (EDMS) which can bring structured and secure digital filing capabilities, discoverability, and control to all the documentation your business generates so it can function effectively. SRM EDMS can act as the central source of all your procurement documents and allow you to share them with your suppliers or partners in a secured and controlled manner. SRM EDMS provides the following functionality:

Central Document Repository

SRM EDMS provides the Central Document Repository for storing all documents. The user can define different document libraries depending on the needs. Each document library can have a hierarchy of folders with different user access privileges. The Central Document Repository provides the reliable storage of documents and can be backed up each day when the system is being backed up.

Folder Management

SRM EDMS provides the Folder Hierarchy mechanism to allow the user to organize the documents in each document library. The responsible person of the document library can use the Folder Hierarchy to organize the documents and the document readers can navigate the Folder Hierarchy to find what documents are available.

Intra-department Document Approval Flow

SRM EDMS allows the user to define document approval flows with multiple steps in each stage. It also allows the user to specify what stages and steps will be executed in parallel and what stages and steps will be executed in serial. The user can also define that the re-approval will start from the beginning or the rejection point when an approver rejects the document.

Inter-department and Inter-company Document Approval Flow

Similar to the intra-department document approval flow, the user can define interdepartmental and inter-company (e.g., your organization and your supplier) document approval flow. The user can check out the document for editing.

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