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The operation of modern enterprises requires accurate and timely data, realizes information management, and uses data to operate terminals. Membership mgt. is the focus of business operations, and effective member management can increase sales and customer satisfaction. CRM provides professional and easy-to-use membership mgt. to help organizations accurately and comprehensively understand their members' hobbies, buying intentions, needs and patterns, etc., and offers customers high-quality personalized services according to their needs, so as to achieve informed and refined members. CRM provides real-time and reliable data for the company's product development and precision marketing.

Member Information Mgt.

Member information is the basis of member management. CRM helps you quickly collect member information and provide accurate and consistent member information for your operations. CRM supports bulk import of member information and the use of the mobile app to record and view member information and send different promotional or member care messages.

 CRM provides you the following member information mgt. features:

  • Member’s contact information
  • Members point information
  • Members membership card information
  • Member’s category and level
  • Members discount entitlement and transaction records
  • Members interests, profession, hobbies and buying patterns
  • Member’s communication and complain records
Member Card Mgt.

In the information age, more and more organizations adopt electronic membership cards to manage members. Good management of membership cards can effectively improve member activity and loyalty, stimulate members desire to consume and promote more member consumption. CRM provides a professional membership card management mechanism to manage the types of membership cards, the entire life cycle of the membership card, and the consumption records and queries of the membership card, etc.

 CRM provides you the following membership card mgt. features:

  • Support multiple types of membership cards: barcode cards, magnetic cards, IC cards, etc.
  • Life cycle membership card mgt.: card opening, upgrade, cancellation, etc.
  • Membership card inquiry and transaction records
  • Membership card points mgt.
  • Membership card validity and expiration mgt.
Member Point Mgt.

Effective member points mechanism and management can attract more customers to join members and promote more consumption of members.  CRM helps companies to set up a scientific and reasonable member points mechanism as needed, supports automatic real-time calculation and real-time query of member points, and manages points redemption and rebates, realizing one-stop management of member points.

CRM provides you the following member point mgt. features:

  • Set membership points rules
  • Member reward points are automatically calculated
  • Member redemption points are automatically calculated
  • Allow members to query their points earned and consumed
Member Promotion Mgt.

 CRM provides a member promotion management mechanism. You can quickly and conveniently execute promotion plans and rules, control the execution process of promotion in real time and track promotion results. CRM allows you to set up different promotional activities for different regions and members, and can automatically send promotional information to members to increase participation in the activities.

 CRM provides the following member promotion features:

  • Set membership prices and discounts
  • Promotion time and regional management
  • Set purchases and discounts, purchases, gifts and piece counts
  • Set promotional rules and approval procedures
  • Record and monitor the promotion process
  • Real-time tracking and query of promotional results
Member Care and Loyalty

To retain customers, we should understand customers and provide them with high-quality services. CRM’s member information database and various member reports helps companies understand members to get a deeper and more comprehensive understanding. Its personalized email function can intelligently match various conditions and automatically send specific personalized emails according to preset rules and time. Greetings are sent to specific members to achieve one-to-one care, improve member recognition and loyalty, and effectively retain members.

CRM provides the following member care and loyalty features:

  • Accurate and real-time member information database, support point-and-click search
  • Various member information reports, more in-depth analysis and understanding of members
  • Personalized care and greetings
  • Personalized product and service offers
Member Self-service

 CRM supports members to view their consumption records and member points in real time, learn about various promotion information, product latest information, point redemption and rebate information, etc., and can also conduct online questionnaire surveys and member return visits, strengthen the interactive communication between enterprises and members, and improve marketing and sales. The service capability also allows members to truly experience fast and convenient consumer services.

CRM provides the following member self-service features:

  • View point information
  • Search for product and promotional information
  • View points redemption and rebate information
  • Online questionnaire survey and member return visits
  • Online complaint and response
Member Analytics

Scientific analysis, management and use of data can achieve efficient and accurate marketing. The intelligent analysis function of CRM collects and analyzes member information quickly and accurately, and taps potential business opportunities and member value. CRM provides a report generator. Users can customize different conditions to generate the required reports with one click. All report information is summarized in real time, providing powerful data support for the precise marketing of enterprises.

CRM provides the following member analytics:

  • Members preference analysis
  • Members order analysis
  • Analysis of member activity
  • Analysis of members consumption characteristics
  • Analysis of the number of members
  • Member consumption value analysis
  • Member loyalty analysis
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