Retail Marketing
Efficiently carry out mobile + personalized precision marketing

8Manage CRM provides a one-stop marketing management mechanism to help companies carry out marketing campaigns better and win more customers. 8Manage supports mobile social marketing, helping companies to hold marketing campaigns via multiple channels, expand the range of target audience, and explore more business opportunities. At the same time, the system will automatically calculate and summarize the actual costs of various campaigns, track their actual execution and results in real time, and generate a variety of custom reports, from which users can understand the updates and timely find potential problems.

Marketing Planning & Budget Mgt.

8Manage CRM helps you efficiently formulate effective marketing plans and reasonable budgets, so that the plans can be implemented, and the cost is optimized as much as possible, and the money is reasonably spent. All budgets and actual expenditures can be automatically summarized layer by layer, and business managers can understand each budget at any time.

8Manage CRM provides you with the following marketing planning and budget mgt. features:

  • Set marketing goals and topics
  • Basic information and approval management of marketing campaigns
  • Flexible customization of customer market segmentation information
  • Formulate the execution method of marketing campaigns according to needs
  • Top-down or bottom-up budget management
  • Real-time tracking of budget usage
Personalized Email Marketing

8Manage CRM provides a variety of ways for designing and executing marketing campaigns and supports both encrypted email and mobile SMS campaigns. It allows the integration of business and projects, and comprehensively improves the effectiveness through the implementation, follow-up and evaluation of project management campaigns.

8Manage CRM provides you with the following personalized email campaign features:

  • Design personalized email content/SMS marketing content
  • Import recipients in batches or use the system’s recipient list
  • Accurate and automated email and SMS delivery
  • Support electronic surveys to quickly and easily tap customer needs
  • Support unsubscription mechanism and management to achieve humanized marketing
Mobile Social Marketing

Accuracy and refinement are hard power. The scale of mobile terminal users is huge, regardless of geographical and time constraints. With its fast, convenient, low-cost, high-coverage characteristics and advantages, mobile social marketing caters to the development of the mobile era and the needs of customers, and has become the new main force of corporate marketing.


8Manage CRM provides mobile marketing mechanism and management, and supports connection with major social media (including WeChat, Weibo, workplace and social apps, etc.). Marketing promotion is more precise, flexible and interactive which greatly reduces marketing costs, improves marketing performance and helps companies win unlimited business opportunities in the era of mobile marketing.

8Manage CRM provides you with the following mobile social marketing features:

  • Support connection with social media and apps (WeChat, Weibo, etc.)
  • Support smart SMS marketing campaigns
  • Support the execution of marketing tasks on the mobile terminal
  • Follow up the results of marketing campaigns anytime, anywhere
  • Real-time statistics and aggregation of mobile social marketing data to achieve precision marketing
Marketing Execution & Result Mgt.

8Manage CRM is a real-time information platform. All marketing execution results can be counted and tracked in real time, realizing zero delay of information. Accurate and real-time information helps companies identify and capture business opportunities more quickly and accurately, and finally make deals.

8Manage CRM provides you with the following marketing execution and result mgt. features:

  • Real-time follow-up of marketing expenses and performance
  • Real-time statistics on the execution of email/SMS campaigns
  • Real-time follow-up of the implementation and results of marketing campaigns
  • The results of marketing campaigns can be managed through project deliverables
  • Real-time tracking and analysis of the results of marketing campaigns
Marketing ROI Mgt.

8Manage CRM provides real-time expenditures and returns for all marketing campaigns, real-time statistics of the ROI of each marketing campaign, and a comparative analysis of budget and actual expenditures, so that companies can more clearly understand actual needs, make better budget plans, and achieve optimization Marketing ROI.

8Manage CRM provides you with the following marketing ROI mgt. features:

  • Comparative analysis of budget and actual expenditure
  • Real-time analysis of the ROI of each marketing campaign
  • Real-time link and statistics of the actual expenditure and return of each marketing campaign
  • Segmentation of each cost of marketing campaigns
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