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8MSaaS Timesheet Advantage
Track the working hours of hundreds and thousands employees
User-defined cycle/types/rules, automatically generation and time cost calculation
Project and non-project Time
  • Define work types and time for projects and non-projects
  • Track resource time by work types
  • Track individual’s idle time and utilization rate
  • Track planned time and actual workload of resources
Work Type and Labor Cost
  • Supports Work Category and Charge Account mechanisms
  • Process time charges based on its charge rates and charge accounts
  • Calculate labor cost based on labor compensation
  • Track actual time based on work type
Resource Calendar
  • All resources have its own calendar
  • User-defined working hours, working days and holidays
  • Manager can view their subordinates’ calendars and holidays
  • All work schedules showed in calendar in real-time
Timesheet Cycle & Rules
  • Support different timesheet cycles ( weekly, semi-monthly or monthly)
  • Define overtime, pre-submission, month-end and escalation rules
  • Set limits on overtime submission
  • Automatically generate timesheet based on preset rules
Search & Reports
  • Provides powerful search mechanism
  • Multidimensional reports for analysis
  • All real-time reports can be exported to Excel or PDF for filing and mailing
  • Get insights of how resources spent their time and devise better methods of managing valuable resources.
Easy to use Mobile App
User can complete 99% timesheet work via mobile:
  • View work tasks and time assignments
  • Fill in , submit and approve timesheet
  • Assign work and allocate resource
  • View and search timesheet info and reports