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Timesheet for WIP Tracking: Overview

Unlike a punch-in punch-out system that can only tell you the arrival and departure times of your workday, Timesheet for WIP Tracking can tell you the value of your time spent.

Timesheet for WIP Tracking helps your team drive up their productivity and get work done faster than they’d normally take. The objective is to find which tasks take time and how you can ensure that your team is operating efficiently. From a psychological angle, it keeps your team on track to focus on important tasks.

It also helps your team members identify activities that are not a good use of their time. It shows them underlying trends behind why some tasks get done faster and some slower. Likewise, you’ll be able to see which members of your team are particularly fast at specific tasks and assign them to those tasks more often.

The importance of Timesheet for WIP Tracking is proven

If you think that tracking time is just to prevent the team members from slacking off, you probably don't know enough about knowledge work management. For example, Bell Labs in the United States is the transistor, laser, solar cell, light-emitting diode, digital switch, communication satellite, electronic digital computer, C/C++ language, UNIX operating system, cellular mobile communication equipment, long-distance television transmission, emulation language, the birthplace of many great inventions such as talking movies, stereo recording, and communication networks. Bell Labs has won a total of 8 (13) Nobel Prizes (including 7 in Physics and 1 in Chemistry). Bell Labs required its members of technical staff to fill out weekly timesheets as early as the 1970s and 1980s.

For the purpose of cultivating good intellectual work, even if you think your team should have a lot of freedom, you should still provide a mechanism for them to see whether their time is being spent wisely or not.

Timesheet for WIP Tracking is the essential management tool for every organization

Timesheet for WIP Tracking is what every organization needs to manage the value that employees produce with their spent time. Without this mechanism, employees would simply use up their work hours each day, not paying much attention to whether they were using their time wisely or whether the value they produced was proportional to the time they spent. The most frightening thing is that in the absence of such a mechanism, managers’ hands are tied or are incompetent, because they lack the data that they need to point out to employees that the time they spent is disproportionate to the value of their output. They often wait until the last moment which is the annual performance review time to tell their employees. But, at that time, the time wasted can no longer be recovered, and the employees were already in the defensive mode. Moreover, managers still have the same lack of data problems. All these resulted in ineffective performance reviews and the organization’s time and cost are wasted year by year.

Timesheet for WIP Tracking functionality summary
Project and non-project Time
  • Define work types and time for projects and non-projects
  • Track resource time by work types
  • Track individual’s idle time and utilization rate
  • Track planned time and actual workload of resources
Work Type and Labor Cost
  • Supports Work Category and Charge Account mechanisms
  • Process time charges based on its charge rates and charge accounts
  • Calculate labor cost based on labor compensation
  • Track actual time based on work type
Resource Calendar
  • All resources have its own calendar
  • User-defined working hours, working days and holidays
  • Manager can view their subordinates’ calendars and holidays
  • All work schedules showed in calendar in real-time
Timesheet Cycle & Rules
  • Support different timesheet cycles ( weekly, semi-monthly or monthly)
  • Define overtime, pre-submission, month-end and escalation rules
  • Set limits on overtime submission
  • Automatically generate timesheet based on preset rules
Search & Reports
  • Provides powerful search mechanism
  • Multidimensional reports for analysis
  • All real-time reports can be exported to Excel or PDF for filing and mailing
  • Get insights of how resources spent their time and devise better methods of managing valuable resources.
Easy to use Mobile App
User can complete 99% timesheet work via mobile:
  • View work tasks and time assignments
  • Fill in , submit and approve timesheet
  • Assign work and allocate resource
  • View and search timesheet info and reports