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8Manage allows you to see full picture of the following types of projects:
  • Business project management
  • Agile large project management
  • Program and portfolio management
8Manage is a business project management platform that supports planning,
collaboration and execution and arm the team with real-time reliable information to
increase accountability and effectiveness.
  • Project plan & execution are linked in real-time
    In 8Manage,the current plan always reflects the latest status of the project teams deliverables and accomplishments.
  • Know the whole project from one page
    8Manage business map helps you control the entire project from one page, detect and solve the project risks and issues at the earliest time.
  • Access quip and increase efficiency
    Get the same functionality and know the latest project status from anywhere with 8Manage mobile app.
  • Automatic warning of overdue and over-spending
    Automatically detect the overdue project activities, overspending, overloaded resources and inform the project-related personnel.
  • Connect project and business
    Control the contract execution, delivery, cost and revenue with project, greatly speed up contract operations and settlement.
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8Manage Business Project Management

8Manage can help you to manage clients, contracts, projects, resources, activities, procurements, delivery and acceptance, cost and income. With 8Manage, you can maximize efficiency of your normal operations and minimize damages and delays of your abnormal operations by detect deviations or problems and their root causes at the earliest possible time.

8Manage can manage different types of business projects such as construction, professional service, OEM, BPO/ITO projects.

Project Mgt

8Manage provides features to support the following 9 major areas:

You can select part or all of these features to manage your projects.

  • Policy setting
  • Project plan and cost approval
  • Resource Mgt
  • Deliverable planning, quality control and delivery and acceptance
  • Schedule, cost, problem and change tracking
  • Risk recording and mitigation
Contract and Project Integrated Mgt

8Manage supports the entire contract and project life cycle which includes:

  • Proposal and quotation mgt
  • Contract and project execution mgt
  • Milestone completion and SLA monitoring
  • Change, change impact, revenue, cost and profit mgt
  • Invoice and payment mgt
  • Client satisfaction and contract renewal mgt

Real-time Interconnectivity

8Manage contract and project and interconnected in real-time, for example:

  • Project cost would directly affect contract cost and profit
  • The delay in project deliverable would directly affect contract revenue.
  • The quality of project deliverable would directly affect contract SLA results.

One contract can represent one or more projects

In most cases, a contract represents a single project. But in some areas such as investment and outsourcing, it is possible that a contract can create multiple projects and their results collectively affect the return of investment.

Contract Mgt

8Manage supports the following contract mgt features:

  • Contract approval
  • Transaction Contents (Products, Services and Prices)
  • Delivery and SLA
  • Procurement and payment
  • Cost and profit mgt
  • Payment terms, invoice and payment mgt
  • Revenue recognition and mgt accounting
  • Contract renewal mgt

Sales Contract:

8Manage supports sales contracts for products only, service only and products and services together. It also supports master contract for specifying terms and conditions and associated sub-contracts or Statements of Work (SOW) to transact incrementally. 8Manage sales contract can be generated from or linked to a customer opportunity and be used to handle invoicing and payment.

Procurement Contract:

8Manage supports procurement contracts for buying products only, service only and products and services together. It also supports master contract for specifying terms and conditions and associated sub-contracts or Statements of Work (SOW) to transact incrementally. 8Manage procurement contract can be generated from or linked to a procurement plan and be used to handle invoicing and payment.

Customer & Opportunity Mgt

8Manage supports establishment and maintain complete customer information, including the following:

  • Client organization chart and contact information
  • Financial summaries and credit ratings
  • Topics/Products of Interest
  • Cross-selling and up-selling information
  • Opportunities and communication records and results
  • Historical quote, transaction and delivery information
  • Customer satisfaction information
  • Accountable receivable, invoice and payment information

Supplier & Procurement Mgt

8Manage provides the following features to help the user manage contract-based procurement project in a more systematical a manner.

  • Supplier recruitment and pre-qualification
  • Supplier basic, product, service and rating information
  • Supplier qualification and approval
  • Purchase plan and requisition
  • Quotation and price comparison
  • Purchase order mgt
  • Delivery, qualify and acceptance mgt
  • Invoicing and payment mgt
  • Supplier KPI and performance mgt

Accounting Mgt

8Manage can aggregate and de-aggregate revenue and cost budget and actual numbers from the lowest level projects to their associated contracts and from contracts to their associated organizations in real-time.

Income Mgt

8Manage helps an organization to establish revenue target and track result.

  • Revenue target
  • Real-time revenue recognition
  • Detect deviation from target at the earliest possible time
  • Display revenue according to region, organization, line of business and currency
  • Sales funnel analysis

Profitability Mgt

8Manage provides profitability mgt from the lowest level of projects and contracts where revenue and cost occur to the highest level of the enterprise.

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