Our Story

Our chairman Stephen Law and other three IT professionals established WisageTech and developed the enterprise management system 8Manage in Hong Kong.
WisageTech was included in the list of "Cool Vendors" in the “Cool Vendors in IT Operations Management, 2010” report by Gartner, Inc.
Our headquarters moved to Guangzhou, a flourishing trade center in south China, and since then, Chinese Mainland has become our important market.
8Manage PPM, a project management system suitable for technical projects, portfolio, etc. came into the market. It was available in three languages.
The birth year of our mobile application that supported menu customization and viewing and modifying permission settings.
We launched our straight-thru cooperative platform, which simplified information processing and helped reduce time, risks and costs.
Good news! Our product 8Manage PPM was to the Top 5 of Enterprise Project Management Service.
8Manage 4.0 and our SaaS platform 8MSaaS were launched to the market in the same year.
Our company was ranked 8th in 2021 Xinchuang Project Management Enterprise Ranking in terms of features, market and innovation.

Product Development
The following chart demonstrates the launch time of our products and some important data from 2011 to the present.

Product Overview


In the past, due to the limitations of older mgt models (mgt by documents) and siloed systems (data connectivity was limited by system boundary), business managers’ intelligence was much weakened by the delayed, fragmented and massaged information that was made available to them. 8Manage can also solve this problem well.

8Manage extends the traditional enterprise automations to business-straight-thru processing driven by data science intelligence to achieve disintermediation, open recruitment, smart solicitation, self-executing contracts, real-time inventory, open workforce, open ledger and high security. Specifically, 8Manage extends:

  • Internal platform to open platform for open recruitment, smart solicitation, open tender, open project and open workforce
  • Internal team to multiparty (e.g., clients, suppliers and partners) straight-thru processing
  • Closed ledger to incorruptible open ledger
  • Assembly line to any form of white collar project-based controlled execution
  • Mgt by documents to mgt by digital rules, corporate memory and audit trails
  • Human invocation of isolated ERP functions to smart contract driven automatic execution of integrated CRM, SRM, eCommerce/O2O, PPM, HCM, OA, Finance and BI functions
  • Manual reports to automatic real-time forecast, decision support or business execution



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