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Modern Individual Applications
We provide the following individual applications to suit your different departmental needs:

Transactional PPM
Different from the book-keeping model used by the PPM tools on the market, 8MSaaS Transactional PPM is the only tool that can track time and cost at any level of the project in real-time. more
eProcurement SRM
Different from the Ford supply chain model, 8MSaaS SRM uses supplier performance model to optimize results. Its straight-thru processing capability can minimize potential frauds and provide spend analysis at the earliest possible time. more
2C & 2B CRM & eCommerce
Besides campaign, client, sales force and service mgt features, 8MSaaS CRM has pre-built integration with eCommerce, eProcurement, PPM and Finance and can drive both 2C and 2B deliveries and recognize income. more
White Collar ERP (FAS)
8MSaaS ERP allows straight-thru processing from any point in the demand chain to any point in the supply chain. It also supports project-straight-thru if the business process involves either sales projects (e.g., POC) or supply-chain projects (e.g., service delivery).
8MSaaS OA allows the user to create any eForms and workflows as well as setup document libraries for co-authoring and manage versions and accesses. more
Performance Oriented HCM
Besides employee records, recruitment, attendance, training, leave, payroll features, 8MSaaS HCM can also automatically capture the results generated by the employee and provide performance info feedback at the earliest possible time. more
Instant & Zero Cost Integration
All 8MSaaS were designed to work together using the same database. A client can start with a single module and grow to a larger module or start with a complete ERP.
8MSaaS Cloud ERP Software
If external modules are used, we will provide the data mapping services for the external modules to the corresponding 8MSaaS modules and no need to recreate the integration model. Also, we charge no subscription fees for 8MSaaS modules that only serve as app bridges.