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Q: What are the benefits of using a project ERP?

A: Project ERP’s benefits are as follows:

  • It is a unified system that does away from compartmentalizing CRM and traditional ERP, giving you a set of workflows that can be combined to support your end-to-end business processes (doesn’t matter demand chain, project portfolio supply chain and their combinations) in real-time.
  • It helps you to allocate resources efficiently. For example, (i) purchase of materials based on client project requirements and (ii) sharing scarce specialists across different projects.
  • It assists you in tracking all your finance and operations activities in real time with drill-down options to understand numbers down to individual transactions.
  • It provides you with a unified single DB for your entire enterprise and allows you to track, analyze and manage multiple business lines, multiple subsidiaries, multiple demand chains, multiple supply chains and multiple project portfolios in your enterprise.

Q: Can I start with one subsystem of the project ERP first?

A: All subsystems in the project ERP were designed to work together using the same database. You can start with a single module and later turn to a larger module or start with a complete project ERP.

Q: What will happen if I want to integrate the project ERP with an external module?

A: If you want to integrate an external module in the project ERP, we will provide data mapping service. There is no need to recreate the integration model.