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Procurement Catalog

8MSaaS provides the facilities for the user to set up and maintain procurement catalogs. Procurement catalogs define the items and services that company employees can order for internal use.  The user can create and maintain catalogs of the goods and services (products) that can be purchased for internal use in an organization. After catalogs are set up, company employees can create purchase requests or plans  to order from them. The catalogs can be used to enforce purchasing policies, so that employees can order only the products that are allowed for their buying organization. When you create a procurement catalog, you should consider the following tasks:

Types and Families

8MSaaS allows the user to define product types and product families and their hierarchical relationships.  The fields in each type define the basic information (e.g., brand, model and part number) and rules (e.g., inventory accounting) for the products of that type.

Price Information

8MSaaS allows the user to record list unit price, discount and benchmark price (based on historical transactions) of each product.

Inventory Information

8MSaaS keeps track of inventory increments, transfers and decrements and provide the latest inventory information for each product in each warehouse.

Punch Out Catalog

8MSaaS provides the framework for customization integration of procurement catalog to different online marketplaces.  After the customization integration, the user can search and purchase the products from the punch out catalogs as if they are in the procurement catalogs.