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Career & Succession Management

8Manage HCM has built-in methodology and tools for individuals to manage their own careers and managers to manage the careers of their subordinates.  8Manage HCM Career & Succession Management isn’t a set of isolated functions from the rest of the 8Manage HCM functions but is well integrated with the 8Manage HCM Skills and Training and 8Manage HCM Performance Management functions.

8Manage HCM Career & Succession Management provides the following major functions to help people to better manage careers: 

  • Defining job ladder and skill set requirements for each job
  • Defining career objective and path
  • Identifying skill set gaps and training needs and formulating training plans
  • Defining performance objectives of the current job and tracking progress
  • Identifying potential successors and pinning down their nurturing needs

Besides being able to help an organization to better manage people’s careers, 8Manage HCM Career & Succession Management maintains the job, skill and career information repository which is very valuable for the organization doing staff planning and mergers and acquisitions.

Job Ladders and Skill Set Requirements

8Manage HCM Career & Succession Management allows the organization to define the following information for each job to create job ladders and skill set requirements: 

  • Job title and description
  • Skill set requirement
  • Prerequisite jobs
  • Promotion To Jobs & average tenure for promotion
  • Salary level

The information defined in the job ladders and skill set requirements for each job form the career advancement structure for the new comers and existing people in the organization.

Career Objective and Path

8Manage HCM Career & Succession Management allows the user to define near and long term career objectives and visualize the career paths and understand the approximate time to achieve each landmark.

Skill Set Gaps & Training Plans

8Manage HCM Career & Succession Management can automatically perform skill set gap analysis between the employee and her next career advancement target to help her identify her training needs.  8Manage HCM Career & Succession Management is integrated with 8Manage Skill & Training Management to formally generate training plans and track training progress and results.

After training starts, 8Manage HCM Skill & Training Management can record training results and update the employee’s skill set information for subsequent analysis.  This helps the employee to continuously learn and evaluate herself at the same time.

Performance Management

Performance management is one of the essences for career management.  8Manage HCM Career & Succession Management is integrated with 8Manage Performance Management to ensure employee’s training objectives for both her current job and her career advancement are reflected in her Balance Scorecard (BSC) or Management By Objectives (MBO) and are being looked at and managed together.

The integration of performance management and career management will also help the employee and her manager to evaluate the employee’s strength and weakness during the performance review process and reevaluate her career paths at the same time.  8Manage Performance Management and Manage HCM Career & Succession Management work hand-in-hand to help the employee to perform satisfactorily and advance her career correspondingly.

Succession Management

Based on the job ladders and skill set information, 8Manage HCM Career & Succession Management is able to automatically match skills and career interests to identify the list of potential successors for the employee who is planning to move to another position.   After reviewing the list of potential successors, the employee can work with her manager to formulate plans for the succession process.  8Manage HCM Career & Succession Management helps employees advance their career but at the same time ensure successful succession.

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