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Kanban visualization provides speed and flexibility, while in-depth enterprise software offers process control and data integrity. 8MSaaS is a superb combination of the two. It helps you transform data into knowledge and knowledge into non-intuitive insights.


8MSaaS was designed for project businesses integrating project team collaboration, real-time updates and dynamic interdependent monitoring across all project workstreams. All its modules are project centric sharing the same database schema and a single database. You can start with any 8MSaaS sub-system (SRM, P2P, Agile, PPM, CRM, ITSM, HCM or OA) and later, extend functionality to match the rate of your digital transformation. 8MSaaS allows you to gain immediate functionality without incurring any traditional upfront setup costs.

Cutting Edge Technology & In-depth Management Sub-systems

Transactional PPM
PPM supports all PMBOK features and uses a transaction based commitment-and-deliverable model to protect project and commitment integrity. It is the most advanced software product for managing accountability in a project team or a project office. more
e-Procurement SRM
SRM allows 100% online for supplier mgt., purchase request, sourcing, tendering, bidding, contracting, delivery & acceptance and invoicing & payment. It can cater for different procurement strategies and methods and can detect potential procurement frauds and analyze spendings in real-time. more
Best-in-Class CRM
CRM provides contact mgt., lead mgt., sales team mgt., opportunity mgt., interaction tracking, quotes/proposal mgt., pipeline mgt., workflow automation, reporting/analytics and forecasting features for sales force and both online marketing (e.g., eDM, WeChat) and offline marketing (e.g., event marketing ) campaign mgt. for marketers. more
Knowledge Worker Timesheet
If you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it. Timesheet allows you to track employees' time spent on their ad-hoc assignments, planned projects and operational activities. It also computes actual labor costs so that you can track them against your budgets. more
Performance Oriented HCM
HCM provides employee records, recruitment, attendance, training, leave, benefits and payroll features. It captures the business results generated by each employee in the system and calculates KPI for performance review and career & succession mgt automatically. more
Home & Business Office Automation (OA)
OA allows you to create any eForm, workflow and portal, set up document libraries for co-authoring and manage versions and accesses. It also provides a powerful point-and-click report generator to quickly generate reports based on the fields in your eForms. more
Full Enterprise Automation (FAS)
FAS allows you to set up end-to-end business processes to manage magnitude of clients, channels, suppliers, projects, procurements, products, services, human resources, assets and financials. It provides you the powerful ful automation of your business and operations. more
Instant & Zero Cost Integration
All sub-systems were designed to work together using the same database. You can start with a single module and later turn to a larger module or start with a complete ERP.
8MSaaS Cloud ERP Software
If you want to use external modules, we will provide data mapping service. There is no need to recreate an integration model. Also, we will not charge a subscription fee for 8Manage modules that only serves as an application bridge.