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How to Select e-Procurement Software

Modern e-Procurement software is usually cloud (SaaS) based with easy-to-use interface. The things that you should pay special attention are:

Policy Compliance, Audit Trail and Potential Fraud Detection

Enforcing compliance and being able to keep people honest is the most important feature in a procurement system. If policies and controls can be by-passed easily, it doesn’t matter how much the users love the system. Losses will be much greater than gains.

Configurable Wealthy Functionality

Most enterprises, after they acquire their e-Procurement solution continue to enhance their supplier strategies and processes. It is important that the e-Procurement software allows you to hide the unused functionality in the initial implementation and can gradually open up more functionality after your team is more educated and need more functionality.

Easily Integrated With CRM, PPM and ERP systems

Enterprises are gearing their business and operations to be customer centric, project based and non-silos. It is desirable that your e-Procurement system can be easily integrated with your CRM, PPM and ERP systems.