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SPM Cloud
Vendor & Supplier Management
You may need a smarter management tool to help you manage the increasing vendors and suppliers. 8MSaaS SRM provides the following comprehensive facilities to help you manage them effectively:
  • Segmentation management
  • Open Recruitment & Pre-qualification
  • Qualification, Grading & Blacklist
  • Vendor & Supplier Master
  • Delivery Quality Scoring
  • Supplier Performance Appraisal
8MSaaS SRM supports the following user-defined categories to segment vendors and suppliers for filtering and policy control:
  • Grade
  • Region
  • Industry
  • Service Type
  • Product Type
8MSaaS SRM also distinguishes different supply channel types such as manufacturer, supplier and contractor and the following qualification types:
  • Not yet qualified
  • Unqualified
  • Qualified
  • Blacklist
  • High Performance

8MSaaS Supplier Segmentation Mgmt

8MSaaS SRM also distinguishes different contact types such as the following:

  • General
  • Marketing
  • Technical
  • Legal
  • Delivery/Collection
  • Sales
  • Tender
  • Support
  • Finance
  • Others
Open Recruitment & Pre-qualification
8MSaaS Open Recruitment & Pre-qualification
Due to the fact that competition drives down prices, it would be useful for an enterprise to periodically recruit new vendors and suppliers.  8MSaaS SRM supports open recruitment of vendors and suppliers and allows the enterprise to design the pre-qualification questionnaire and post announcement and the  vendors and suppliers to self-register and fill in the pre-qualification questionnaire.    8MSaaS SRM can automatically calculate the score for each applicant based on the assigned scores in the pre-qualification questionnaire and determine whether it passes the pre-qualification test.
Qualification, Grading & Blacklist
The qualification and grading are controllable processes in 8MSaaS.  An enterprise can check the qualification approval policy and set up the approval process and a vendor or supplier would only be qualified if it conforms to the process.

Vendor Qualification, Grading & Blacklist Mgmt
Once a vendor or supplier is qualified, its status and grade can only be changed by the user who has the proper privileges.  A vendor or supplier can be blacklisted by the privileged user.  

Vendor & Supplier Master

The minimum information to create a new vendor or supplier is just its name.  However, 8MSaaS allows the enterprise to incrementally capture wealthy information of the supplier.  8MSaaS also allows the vendor or supplier to add or change its own product and service information including prices and discounts.  This would great save the enterprise’s effort of keeping each vendor or supplier’s product and service information up-to-date.

Vendor & Supplier Master System

When the enterprise is having interactions and transactions with its vendors and suppliers, 8MSaaS provides the facility to capture the information automatically and search and analyze the information as needed in real-time.

Vendor & Supplier information Mgmt

8MSaaS was designed to deal with global vendor or supplier name problem and would be able to identify the same vendor or supplier with different names and also allow the linking of the information and transaction records of the same vendor but with different names together.

Delivery Quality Scoring

8MSaaS automatically tracks the following measurement information during the “delivery & acceptance” process and aggregate and summarize measurements results in real-time:

  • Price Rating (1 Worst 10 Best)
  • Price/Performance Rating (1 Worst 10 Best)
  • Deliverable Lateness Rate (%)
  • Deliverable Rejection Rate (%)
  • Service Failure Rate (%)
  • Price Deviation from Benchmark Price (%)
  • Average Number of Days Late
  • Late Frequency (Number of Lateness / Total)
  • Delivery Rejection Rate (%)
  • Complain Frequency (Number of Complains / Total)
  • Tender Invitation Rate (Number of Times Invited / Total Number of Tenders)
  • Tender Response Rate (Number of Times Responded / Total Number of Times Invited)
  • Tender Hit Rate (Number of Wins / Total Number of Times Responded)
  • Tender Rejection Rate (Number of Losses / Total Number of Times Responded)

Delivery Quality Scoring platform

The automatically collected objective performance data is very use for quick sanity checks.  They are also very useful when being combined with subjective performance appraisal data from the users who directly receiving products and services from the vendors and suppliers. 

Vendor & Supplier Performance Appraisal

8MSaaS allows the user to set up the questionnaire for performance appraisal  for the target vendor or supplier and 8MSaaS can automatically send the questionnaire to the appraisers specified by the user and calculate the result based on the pre-assigned score for each answer for each question in the questionnaire.

Supplier Performance Appraisal

The performance appraisal result can be used to advance the vendor or supplier to a higher grade or demote it to a lower grade or even blacklist.