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Simple PM

8MSaaS Simple PM

Activity Planning

Project Activity Planning

8MSaaS Simple PM helps your project team intelligently develop and prioritize a project plan. Projects can be broken down into activities, activities can be assigned and project progress can be tracked in real-time.

  • Configurable multi-tier, dynamic WBS activities
  • Clear responsibility and accountability
  • Mass editing and moving WBS activities
  • Configurable activity dependency and time lags
  • Schedule tracking and reporting
Execution Management

Project Execution Management

8MSaaS Simple PM delivers full traceability of project execution:

  • Activity scheduling and execution management
  • Deliverable scheduling and handoff management
  • Real-time risk and problem detection
  • Execution policy and control management
  • Project and activity approval and re-approval management
  • Complete audit trail
Resource & Cost Management

Resource & Cost Management

8MSaaS Simple PM enables you to effectively manage resource capacity and allocation - so you can always get the right resource for your project:

  • Resource management by resource categories, skills and availability
  • Auto compute forecast costs of resources required
  • Tracking allocation time vs. actual utilization time
  • Detection of overloaded and inadequate resources
  • Tracking planned resource cost vs. actual resource cost
Issue Tracking & Reporting

Project Issue Tracking & Reporting

8MSaaS Simple PM provides you with a powerful mechanism to organize and track issues, and to resolve them systematically.:

  • Issue identification
  • Issue analysis
  • Response action item
  • Systematical tracking
  • WBS/Activities associated with issues
Real-time Monitoring and Tracking

8MSaaS Real-time Monitoring and Tracking

8MSaaS Simple PM provides the following dashboards for communicating status, identifying problems and tracking necessary actions:

  • Project
  • Cost
  • Resource
  • Deliverable
  • Progress report
Communication Management

Communication Management

8MSaaS Simple PM facilitates structured communications and provides real-time information, allowing teams to make informed decisions:

  • Real-time chat
  • Discussion forum
  • Reality check
  • Auto email notification
Configurable Personal Workbench

8MSaaS Configurable Personal Workbench

8MSaaS Simple PM provides you with a role-based, personal workbench to facilitate your day-to-day work and to reflect your performance. You can always detect potential problems in real-time from your dashboard. 

  • Role-based personal workbench with KPI
  • Personalized task and issue reporting
  • Active links to drill down
  • Totally configurable
Methodology Template

8MSaaS Methodology Template

8MSaaS Simple PM provides a methodology template for various application areas to aide project plan creation:

  • Initiate new project with templates
  • Save a project plan as template
  • Template includes tasks, deliverables,scheduling, duration, issues etc.