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Agile Product Development

Agile Product Development

8MSaaS Agile supports short iterations for incremental product development and caters for dynamic changes in competitive landscape and product requirements. As needed, 8MSaaS Agile can also be extended to allow some degree of traditional project control (e.g., time, cost).

Managing Entire Project On One Screen

Managing Entire Project On One Screen

8MSaaS Agile is very simple to use and the user can manage her entire project on one screen. Product requirements can be expressed as scenarios or stories and post them on the storyboard. Story point and responsible person can then be assigned to each story in each iteration.  

Iterations & Backlog

Iterations & Backlog

When more stories than the current iteration can burn, they will be resided in the backlog. The user can always view what were released in the past iterations.


Communication tool

8MSaaS Agile provides communication tool to capture email communications associated with each story.

Review & Acceptance

Review & Acceptance mechanism

8MSaaS provides the simple review and acceptance mechanism.

Burn Down Chart

Burn Down Chart-8MSaaS

8MSaaS allows the user to view burn down status for any iteration or the entire project.