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How To Select Project Management Tool

8Manage supports the management of the following types of projects and programs:

  • Business Project
  • Agile Large Project
  • Technical Project
  • R&D Project
  • PMP Tool
  • PMO
  • Project Portfolio
  • Simple Project
  • Kanban Project

It is important that a project team understand the unique challenges of its project and select the appropriate project mgt. tool. For business projects, connectivity to sales, procurement and finance is usually needed. For R&D and technical projects, resource mgt. , especially shared resource mgt., can be important. For joint and outsourcing projects in which conflict-of-interest might occur, accountability mgt. and integrity protection to keep people honest would be important. For PMO and Project Portfolio, revenue and cost mgt. are often essential. For simple and Kanban projects, ease-of-use, dashboards and graphical reports are usually expected. All projects have similarities, but understanding the project’s unique challenges is the wisdom, including selecting the right tool for the project.