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Business Wisdom & Insights

Doing a project is solving a business problem. How the problem should be solved by the team depends on the nature of the problem, the resources (experience and expertise) availability and the business constraints. A methodology is an elementary ingredient but only a small portion of the total ingredients that the project team need to solve their business problem. There is no universally good methodology. Methodologies are often being talked about out of proportionally since they are book knowledge and easier for people to talk about.

After a team pick a methodology, they still need to understand their incremental and ultimate objectives and constraints, their own abilities and their priorities (focuses) before they can formulate their game plan (project wisdom). After the team internalize their game plan and they can start following the methodology to plan and execute their project. During project planning and execution, using a powerful tool that can present one copy of the truth to the team is very important. If you don’t understand why one copy of the truth is important, read The Myth of 90% Complete (https://www.projectmanagement.com/articles/220690/Project-Control--The-Myth-of-90--Complete) article.